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Happy To Be Alive!

3 May
Once upon a time a blonde, hazel-eyed baby was born. This baby would later be called Allegresse. Like babies eventually do, Allegresse grew up (to her current 31), and like some babies, grew out of the blonde. Somewhere from 0 to 31, Allegresse decided that she was an artist of many forms -- at least, she had a love for the arts. Well, after school of course. School has always come first. When she is not studying, Allegresse can be found: acting, singing, dancing, reading, writing, painting, scrapbooking, sewing, drawing, working with FIMO clay, running, swimming, cycling, skiing, listening to film scores, praying, cooking, baking, taking photos, playing softball, blowing bubbles, holding babies, smelling flowers, spilling things, dropping things, breaking things, gluing things back together, laughing, crying, dreaming, traveling, talking, tasting delicious desserts, playing games, organizing, shopping, purging, loving people until her heart breaks, watching birds, planting seeds, making lists, watching movies and spending time with close FRIENDS, FAMILY and her wonderful HUSBAND ("Mister Mudd").

Allegresse is currently pursuing her passions and looking for a decent "day job," which she will continue to do until she starts making little Mudds, when ever that time may be. =)